Clean Pork and Chicken

From our Farm to your Table

By the Cut: We have a full variety of pork cuts available, including roasts, chops, bacon, hams, ribs, kielbasa and bratwurst, smoked hocks, leaf fat. Email to schedule an appointment to shop. It's that easy!

OR By the Side: You can buy a 1/2 or whole side of pork. The cost is $4.50/pound times the hanging weight, PLUS processing. You'll pay the butcher (DeVries Meats) when you pick up your order. To reserve your side, mail a check to Green Pastures at 14380 60th Ave Coopersville, MI 49404. It is $100 deposit per 1/2 and email to place your 2023 side pork order.

Roasts, MSG-free ham, ribs, organs available


Nitrite-free Bacon $10/pound

MSG, Nitrite-free Kielbasa, Bratwurst and pork sausage


Pork Chops, Steaks, and MSG-free ham steaks $7-9/pound

Non-GMO Chicken

Our chicken is from pastured broilers that were given fresh grass several times daily and fed non-GMO feed.

Whole bird $4.99/pound

Breast, leg, backs available too!

Pastured Pork

At Green Pastures, we believe the best quality meats come from animals that eat diets rich in grass (or hay in the winter) instead of diets rich in grain. While our pigs are fed some non-GMO grains, they are also raised on pasture in a low stress environment with plenty of room to forage and root.

The pigs have arrived!

Each spring we buy weaned piglets that we raise through the summer and into the fall. One year we tried raising sows....that didn't turn out so well, so we stick to buying weaned piglets.

A shovel for a face?

Pigs snouts are designed to act like a shovel so the pig can turn up the ground and find roots to eat. God is so creative! A pig isn't meant for concrete floors in a confined barn. They are designed for renovating pastures, aerating and fertilizing as they go, so that their meat is healthy for us AND the soils can improve!

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